Since 1997, Phylogeny has been the industry leader in providing customized in situ hybridization services to help answer the most complicated gene expression questions.

In Situ Hybridization

Phylogeny offers completely customized in situ hybridization services; from probe design and tissue procurement to expertly interpreted gene expression studies. Phylogeny delivers expertly interpreted gene expression results regardless of the biological system: from embryo to adult; for either plant or animal; in normal or diseased tissue. Our publication-quality data is ready to cut-and-paste into manuscripts, grants, and patents.

microRNA in situ Detection

Phylogeny’s is pleased to offer commercial in situ detection of miRNA. in situ miRNA hybridization methods offer sensitive detection of miRNAs in specific cell(s) or sub-cellular organelles. Combined with our comprehensive tissue procurement and other services, the in situ miRNA hybridization service makes exploring the role of miRNA in your experimental system easily accessible. In addition, the ability to detect miRNA in FFPE tissue, in situ miRNA hybridization opens the vast collections of archival formalin fixed paraffin embedded cell and tissue materials for scientific inquiry.